Platinum Careers: Career Development

Learn tips and insights for finding immediate success in a new sales career with Platinum.

Draft a Winning Home Team

This article is part of a series intended to provide career tips and insights to new Platinum sales representatives. Take a look at all the articles in this series for valuable tips on preparing for your new career. When you ask Platinum’s most successful sales representatives what contributed to their success, one common response is a […]

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The Platinum Home Office

Platinum Believed in Me Before I Believed in Me

Lila was able to surpass all of the personal, financial and professional goals she set for herself in her first six months. Since then, she has set larger goals and advanced into a leadership role. Plus, her husband no longer works two jobs and now runs their family farm.

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Finding New Opportunities Outside the Comfort Zone

Before discovering the Platinum sales career, Shaun taught in a facility for troubled children and was on the path to becoming principal of the school. However, teaching brought a great amount of stress, and the pay was low. On top of an already hectic schedule, Shaun and his wife welcomed an infant foster child with […]

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After One Day, My Doubts About This Career Vanished

Thanks to Platinum’s extensive training program and step-by-step sales process, people from all career backgrounds have experienced success in the Platinum sales career. Take Larry for example. Before finding Platinum, Larry had experience as a ski instructor, landscaper and restaurant owner. But, Larry had bills to pay and a family to support, including his aging […]

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The Unimaginable Possibilities of a Platinum Career

In 1994, Kevin was finishing up his professional basketball career in Europe when he discovered his daughter had a brain tumor. In addition to the fear and uncertainty of his infant daughter being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Kevin had not yet lined up full-time work, so finances were a concern. As he looked for […]

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I Found a Career Where People Care About My Success

Wendy likes to help people. It’s one factor that led her to a successful career as a cancer researcher. But, after 10 years of working in a sterile laboratory environment, completing repetitious research, she was ready for a change.

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Better Together: Successful Careers Are Ignited by Shared Team Knowledge

David has traveled all over the world with family and friends and worked a variety of different jobs. David was familiar with sales but had worked mostly in print media, publishing and construction management. After watching some of his own personal connections succeed in insurance sales, David decided to pursue a career opportunity with Platinum. […]

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Big Dreams Are Reachable at Platinum

Before Dave discovered Platinum, he worked as a ranch hand, living with his family on the ranches where he worked. Dave and his wife dreamed of owning their own house and property where they could raise their own livestock. They also dreamed about visiting family in Germany. In the 11 years they had been married, […]

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It’s Never Too Late for a Career Change

For 18 years, Dan worked in the banking industry, which included time as a mortgage loan officer. However, Dan’s job didn’t allow him to save the amount of money he desired for his family. Vacations were restricted to a tight budget, and planning for their children’s college tuition left Dan and his wife searching for […]

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