Platinum Careers: Culture

If you want to work with great people, market a premier product, learn from top sales leaders, and indulge in world-class trips and events, there is no place like Platinum.

A Successful Jump From Military to Sales

Upon graduating from high school, Ken served in the military for 13 ½ years, taking the lead of an Army parachute team and developing a passion for leadership. When his military experience concluded, Ken jumped right into driving jet powered trucks across the country. With a resume highlighting his skills in skydiving and fast cars, […]

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Quest for Better Coverage Leads to Long-Term Career

“How will we afford our necessary healthcare services if we’re faced with a critical illness?” While most Americans have adequate coverage in place to address common healthcare needs, this question weighs heavy on the minds of half of Americans1. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 29 percent of Americans report problems paying medical bills, and […]

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2018 Bristol Motor Speedway Trip

2018 Alaska Leadership Trip

Opportunities Are Flying – 2018 Quarterly Incentive Trips

2018 CMA Festival

Careers for Students

Whether you’re a recent college grad, still enrolled in school, or you decided college wasn’t for you, a career that starts with Platinum accelerates you wherever you want to go. Ask About Our Student Loan Reimbursement Bonus Track Earn up to $20,000 in bonus income over two years. Give yourself an early advantage. Apply today. […]

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Reach Dream Destinations With Platinum

In addition to extraordinary professional and financial growth, many of Platinum’s sales representatives have also been able to embark on incredible trips with an annual calendar full of incentive opportunities. Platinum expertly organizes the details of every trip, creating unique, once-in-a-lifetime VIP travel experiences. Watch below to let a few of our reps tell you […]

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2018 Kentucky Derby

Oceans of Opportunity

For many of our sales representatives, the Platinum Opportunity means financial freedom, enhanced quality time with family, fulfilling career growth or recovery from debt. Hear from a few of our sales representatives and family who have found that the “oceans of opportunity” with Platinum allow them to dream bigger than ever before.

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